About Us:
Our customers are in all age brackets and we fit our ranges to suit them. We believe that anyone who sees our product and wants to buy should get something within their price point.  Chitih Gems believe that a woman never gets tired of wanting more, be it for themselves, their children or for gifting only.  The need for novel and interesting concepts will always exist. Fortunately, with a lot of women now wanting to explore more in terms of designs, precious and semi precious stones, use of combinations like Amethyst and Rose Quartz or Unakite and Carnelian is now possible. So our product span is far and wide.
The contentment of hard work is only when you witness heads turning to have a glimpse of the jewellery item.
Customizing is our strength. Whatever the buyer wants to do with the piece we try to adjust and make it happen. Respect for all is a vital component in our design world.

Our Company Profile

Welcome to the world of sparkling rubies and seductive emeralds, pretty sapphires in a flawless duet with diamonds while corals, amethysts and ambers all stand framed in a picture perfect setting. Created especially by Chitih gems. A venture, conceived and run by Chetna Nanda, a talented jewellery designer that puts all her passion into bringing forth new, innovative designs that make rubies sing and diamonds shine.
A venture named after goddess Durga herself, Chitih gems is the place to select jewellery that’s been handcrafted by experienced artisans, set with carefully chosen gems and honed to perfection with Chetna’s designs.
Come and take a look at this sparkling world of wonders…
Jewellery for the discerning. Exquisite designs, flawless settings and top rated gems make for every unique composition. Choose from necklaces, bangles and earrings that are available in a variety of designs and budgets.

Our forte is design

Chitih Sparkling Gems does special gift orders... wedding gifts for family and friends, celebrating birth gifts, birthday presents, festival gifts, even corporate gifts. Your budget; our design input. We work on promotional items as well.
We assure you of quality that we specify and use excellent cuts in our stones.

Our Quality

We consider your order as the most important one as customer satisfaction is vital for us. We do ensure strict quality standards. Weights are all approximate and may vary from one piece to another.

Our Infrastructure

We, at CHITIH Sparkling Gems include the latest techniques and utilize well trained artisans to ensure that our clients get their value for money. team of experienced professionals manages the meticulous work force of artisans to deliver a product of world class. We are experts in using the age old favourite techniques of craftsmanship with the new age manufacturing improvements to give a fresh look to our pieces of art. Our creations are as a rule, handmade but we do use casting method for bulk production. Skilled workers, able craftsmen and trained designers make a great proficient workforce with swift decision making skills at all levels.